maio 26, 2015


Loop Barcelona



curator Lucas Bambozzi



The ALT [AV] collective presents an exhibition based on themes directly connected to the Loop 2015. As in a kind of conceptual response to the issues posed by the festival. In a set of short single-channel videos, it displays active Brazilian authors, grouped into two distinct themes and displays: Memory Leak and Sounds from the South Images.

O grupo ALT [AV] apresenta uma mostra de videos baseada em temas conectados com o Loop 2015, em uma forma de resposta conceitual às questões colocadas pelo evento. A mostra é formada por um conjunto de vídeos de curta duração, do tipo single-channel, de autores em atividade recente no cenário brasileiro, agrupados em 2 temas distintos: Vazamento de Memória e Sons das Imagens do Sul.



[linked to the theme: What about collecting video art? + Possible Futures]

Running time: aprox. 30 minutos [8 videos]


[Vazamento de Memória – visões surgidas entre o arquivo e a memória]
The title points to a specific meaning in computer science but it is connected to our everyday life, as in a poetic approach. Based on videos portraying fragments of stories, travels and found objects, the idea of memory here unfolds for wandering and puzzled sensations, addressing uncertain reminiscences, somehow floating between reality and imaginary.

Besides, we believe that the show can also trigger very tangible problems that new media archivists and collectionists are currently facing. As such, the proposal starts form a linkage between the thematic exhibitions, the discussion panel and the release of the book Possible Futures, altogether as part of LOOP 2015 programme.


 Participo da mostra com vídeo



88 from 14.000 (2004, 5 x 30″)

Alice Miceli

The video is based on mug-shots of 88 out of 14,000 people killed at the S21 Prison in Cambodia during the Khmer Rouge regime. These images, although produced with the vile intent to organize mass murder, constitute nevertheless the last records of each person still in life, before being executed in the prison.


Retratos de pessoas que foram executadas pelo Khmer Vermelho no Camboja nos anos 70. Com aspecto arenoso, as imagens permanecem longos períodos na tela, lembrando a espera pela morte.


In the Place of Men (2014, 3’21”)

Marcelo Braga

All innovation encounters opposition [however, hunger is still being satisfied without full awareness of what it is one is hungry for]. A video portraying books as food.


Passenger (2007, 4’55”)

Kika Nicolela

Passanger was shot inside a bus on the road to Paris, and testifies the effect of dusk and rain in the moving blurred landscape. The colors and shapes formed by the combination of light and movement on the low-resolution camera evoke a unique trip through an imagined land.


Gravado da janela de um ônibus a caminho de Paris com uma câmera de baixa resolução, esse vídeo testemunha os efeitos do anoitecer e da chuva sobre a paisagem em movimento, evocando uma viagem singular por uma terra imaginária.



Silêncio (2015, 1’56”)

Angella Conte

The work was developed from a video sequence portraying an urban architectural structure covered by vegetation. Branches and roots invade railings, fences, windows, doors and walls, as if there was an answer of nature to the action of man, a kind of silent protest for freedom and life.


Trabalho desenvolvido a partir de uma pesquisa de registros de ocupação da arquitetura urbana pela vegetação. São galhos e raízes que invadem grades, janelas, portas e paredes, como se houvesse uma respostas da natureza à ação do homem, uma espécie de protesto silencioso pela liberdade e pela vida.



Between My Hands (2010, 3’40”)

Alexandre Brandão

The video is based on the classic hand-game Rock-Paper-Scissors, performed by a single player who manipulates drawings. The traditional duel where everything is able to beat or be defeated by another thing, gradually takes other directions as non-predicted new objects are brought into the game, where speed may challenge memory.



É Início da Primavera e Ainda Penso no Inverno (2013, 3′)
Dellani Lima

A poetic video collage of June 2013 manifestations, as well as of some other recent past of Brazil.

Uma colagem poética sobre as manifestações de junho e de algum lugar do passado recente do país.


Cinema Lascado #2 – Perimetral (2014, 3′)
Giselle Beiguelman
The Cinema Lascado project attempts to scan particular urban landscapes while in movement. The result is a series of sequences that deconstruct the space to be recreated as visual noise, revisiting Glitch aesthetics. Cinema Lascado mixes hi and low-tech, the sordid and the sublime, combining HD video with the technique of animated GIF. In an intermitent way, it plays with saturation and suppression to reconstruct the perception of the surroundings and the city, the old and new, the up and down, the tool and the device.


Smoke Piece (2015, 8′),
Eder Santos

The sky is not only above our heads. It extends all the way down to the earth. Each time we raise our foot from the ground, we are walking in the sky. In a Smoke Area, close your eyes and see everything.

[ linked to the theme: Beyond the images: sound ]

Running time: aprox. 30 minutos [6 videos]




[Sons das imagens do sul]


The exhibition puts together some recent video pieces that expand the basic idea of a movie soundtrack, in a geographically oriented collection of images produced in the south hemisphere. Employing different recording techniques, unusual editing processes and programmable tools, it stretches the understanding of the sound information, through a cultural and subjective approach.

A exposição reúne vídeos que expandem a idéia básica de uma trilha sonora de filme, em uma coleção geolocalizada de imagens produzidas no hemisfério sul,. Empregando técnicas distintas de gravação, processos de edição não-usuais e dispositivos programáveis, os trabalhos estendem a compreensão da informações do som, através de uma abordagem cultural e subjetiva.




Mindscapes #9 After Cajal (2013, 4′),
Fernando Velazquez

An experimental audiovisual that aims to tension the relationship between nature and culture, pointing to the relationship between our sensorial apparatus and the cultural meaning one gives to the external inputs, in this case territory and velocity. It was done in real time by a generative algorithm that mixed images taken in the borders between Brazil and Uruguay.




Sem título (2014, 3min)

Yudi Rafael

The noise produced by of a single person multiplied in the screen, as in a possible narrative. The actions however are not linked to each other, but ruptured in an incessant, daily repetition.

https://vimeo.com/118054482 [pass 12345]


Infinite Symphony (2013, 4′ 40″)

Henrique Roscoe / HOL

Symphony inspired by the Sheppard scale. Audio and visual illusions.


Breath (2013, 5’20”)

Lu Nunes

In a black or luminous square, life lives, life dreams, life struggles. “Breath” draws a picture of how people live in big cities through the eyes of a fixed camera facing a downtown building in São Paulo, Brazil, for 24 hours. We can see people living in spaces delimitate by tinny concrete blocks and, at the same time, we can imagine the stories behind all those anonymous characters.


Misophonia (2014, 3′)

Luana Fortes

Combination of 16 short videos of repetitive actions and sounds. Each of them portrays a particular situation, which causes me discomfort during my day-to-day routine. Therefore, the union of all of them form an uncomfortable environment, that represents the distress merely one of those situations can cause a person who suffers from misophonia.


CGH – SDU Homage to Minimal Information (2010, 5′)

Giselle Beiguelman

In this video the landscape is reduced to its minimum informative elements – dominant colors and sounds -, converting movement in a flow of textures and volumes modulated by ligth. Recorded with a Flip video camera during landings and take offs, between the urban airports of São Paulo (Congonhas, CGH) and Rio de Janeiro (Santos Dumont, SDU), in a day in July 2010.





ALT [AV] is a platform for alternative, experimental and expanded audiovisual formats, created by a collective of Brazilian artists, developers and cultural producers.

ALT AV é uma plataforma de ações em torno do audiovisual alternativo e experimental, criada e gerida por um coletivo de artistas, desenvolvedores e produtores culturais brasileiros.




ALT [AV] exhibition program at Loop 2015


Curated by Lucas Bambozzi

Produced and organized by Demetrio Portugal


With the support of:

SP Cine

Prefeitura de São Paulo

Select Magazine (Paula Alzugaray)

FAU-USP – Universidade de São Paulo


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